SlowBack Hammocks - are handmade by a selected group of craftsman in the region of Yucatan, Mexico. Slowback uses only natural, environmental friendly and regional materials. Our hammocks are a piece of the finest craftsmanship and one of the most valuable treasures of Mexico. We manufacture Slowback hammocks using a traditional technique called Mallas – that was developed by the Mayans hundreds of years ago. Mallas is known for its countless, interwoven cotton threads, which make the hammock extremely airy and exceptionally comfortable at the same time. We at Slowback are using the highest number of threads possible. Therefore our hammocks provide a comfortable tight net that moulds itself to the shape of your body and gives you a perfect lying position without any tension on the spine.

In the spirit of appreciating nature, we use turquoise stones in each of our hammocks. This is a naturally occurring stone found in Mexico, and as well has energetic properties that help cleanse its environment. 

SlowBack Hats - Sourced from the magical region of Calquini, Campeche we use the naturally occurring palm tree fiber called Jipijapa to create our one of a kind hats. This small village is where our tribe of artisans originate from, a quaint yet exotic locale of 400 habitants.  The transformation begins with it being shredded and dried. Once malleable enough, the Jipijapa is soaked with natural dyes to create our signature colors. After, the fibre is laid out once again in the sun and is then ready to be crafted into unique works of art. Our hats are particularly special as 10 palms and 365 threads are needed to weave them; this process requires 3 days of good intention and love.

SlowBack Leather - Designed and produced by SlowBack, we present to you LaidBack Leather; made with 100% pure leather and handcrafted with love in the heart of San Miguel de Allende. Our pieces are individually inked to reflect the uniqueness of SlowBack and our goods.